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Tenerife Golf & Spa

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We have been organizing your golf holiday in Tenerife since 2009.


Tenerife Golf & Spa

Since 2009 we are an agency specialized exclusively in tailor-made holidays for golfers in Tenerife the island of eternal spring.

Here you will find:

  • 8 beautiful golf courses surrounded by magnificent landscapes, for the pleasure of playing on a new course every day.
  • 365 days of sun and summer/spring weather all year round, it is said to be the best climate in the world since the time of the ancient Romans, who called them "The Lucky Islands".
  • A surprising and varied gastronomy, a mix of Mediterranean and tropical flavors based on fish, meats and fresh fruits.
  • The welcoming and festive character of the Canarians, a naturally joyful, kind and very helpful people towards those who come to visit them.
  • The engaging folklore of festivals and processions, proudly kept alive and felt by everyone, young and old.
  • The unique landscapes and the primordial nature, from the ocean, to the 3718 meters above sea level.m of the majestic Teide volcano, a thousand different landscapes that will be fixed forever in your eyes before in your photos.

Tenerife is all this, but not only, the greatest emotion it gives is that of a rediscovery, of a return home, an almost archetypal place where you will want to return again and again knowing that you will always find that warmth and tranquility that are typical of the places of the heart.

Tenerife Golf & Spa since 2009 organizes only holiday packages for golf enthusiasts each package will be customized according to the specific requests of our customers without leaving anything to chance and taking care of the needs of each participant players and their companions, to ensure everyone the maximum pleasure ..

We organize Golf Clinics for Golf Instructors and their students, golf holidays for experienced players and learning holidays for beginners, who wish to approach this beautiful sport for the first time.

Among the many hotels and villas in Tenerife we have selected the most suitable ones for the needs of the players and thanks to a consolidated relationship with our suppliers we can guarantee you the best rates.

We are sure to be able to organize your ideal holiday without neglecting any detail and without the surprises of DIY but at the same price!

See for yourself among our proposals the one you like the most and then contact us, we will adapt it without obligation by entering all your indications until it is perfect, or call us now for a tailor-made quote!

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Tenerife Golf & Spa

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Tenerife Golf & Spa Calle Tegueste, 15 – 38670 Adeje – S/C de Tenerife – Spain